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5 Tips to Small Business owners

18 August 2021 Posted By: Solitus Technologies

Whether your business is just the start of an idea right now or you are in your first few years of business, there are 5 vital design elements that all small business requires to launch and develop positively. 

Reliable Branding

When it comes to branding, we are talking about more than just your logo. When we say “branding” we mean how your logos, color palette, photography, and typography all come together to provide your viewers a feeling about your business. 

You want to ensure that you keep your branding consistent across any channels that your client might find you. That means making sure that with the help of graphic design company in Kolkata you are using the same logos, fonts, and colors on social media, your site, your newsletters, even your email signature, and the list goes on. 

High-converting Site

Let’s talk about your site. That prospective money-making machine, your salesperson, and the unofficial face of your online business! It should be working so hard for you without even breaking a sweat but generally what I see is a pieced together landing page that feels incomplete a very unclear overly designed, too man -pages that confuse clients, or a site that was good a few years ago but has not updated and feels left behind and detached from the business it was built for.

Social Media Templates

Having a mix of social media templates is a game-changer. You should hire a graphic design company in Kolkata or have a collection of templates that comprise image-heavy posts and text-only posts so you can rapidly create the updates without having to search your own or stock images for those days when you are just not feeling it.

Newsletter Template

Make simpler your life and make one master newsletter template that you can repeat and update for any new publications or weekly emails by hiring a logo design company in Kolkata. You will need to ensure the master template that you make has more than enough sections so you can either update or erase them and you are not trying to form something new each time you require to send a newsletter out. 

Brand Values

Once your branding is complete by hiring a logo design company in Kolkata, you will require a document that is easy to reference for yourself and for anyone else you might work within your business or bring on to your team. Having a central brand value document will ensure that all of the hard work that went into making your brand is kept together. 

Final Takeaway,

That’s it! Those are our 5 Design Basics for your small business requirements to launch and develop. We hope this was useful to our fellow small business owners out there but if the brand and design part of your business feels devastating, we are here to assist. We have professional experience leading design teams for international companies and we are ready to use that knowledge to make a brand for you that gets noticed and is difficult to overlook.


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