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Find How to Develop an Android App

05 September 2021 Posted By: Solitus Technologies

In the current age, individuals worldwide are acquainted with the term ‘Android.’ Whether you are a businessperson or a knowledgeable business expert, you need to know how to continue with Android App Development successfully. You need to follow detailed steps to develop effective and proficient Android Apps. 

Step 1: Download Android Studio

Android studio is recognized to be the official Android IDE (Integrated Development Environment). According to the App Development Company in Kolkata Android Studio is the most prevalent IDE to develop Android Applications.  The Google-originated IDE is mainly designed for Android App Development.  

 Step 2: Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

After you download Android Studio, you require taking certain right actions. You must install Java on your computer to use Android Studio. Java Development Kit will interpret and organize the code during your app development process.

Step 3: Begin Your Project

Select “Start a new Android Studio Project” option. Then, you will enter the name of your app and your company domain. The selected info will be showed through a format. After that, you will upload the Android Package File to the Google Play Store for the App development service in Kolkata.

Step 4: Select Activity

You will be delivered with the option to choose the format you want your app to look at at the primary phase. This detailed appearance will become the look of your main ‘Activity Module, the main page of your app.

Different fields are available for you to select according to the needs of your application for App development service in Kolkata. The areas comprise title templates, Google Maps, screen activity, and blank activity, etc. 

Step 5: Select the Layout

You will choose a layout name for the choosen activity. Now, you have to select the elements like images and menus. You will also decide the font which you will use in your application. Choose a name for the app menu and title. Next, you must think of some attractive titles that will grab the users’ attention.

Step 6: Work on the ‘Welcome’ Message

Then, go to the activity_main.xml tab. Click on “Hello! World!” and drag it to the mid of the screen. Hereafter, you need to go to the values folder and double-click on the strings.xml. The step ends by finding the line “Hello world!” and adding “Welcome to my app!”

Step 7: Add Button to Your Activity 

Find the ‘Button’ in the palette menu at the left of your display. Click on the ‘Button’ and drag it below the welcome message and place it here. At that time, go to the ‘Properties’ and find the ‘Field for Text.’ At that point, you have to change the text from ‘New Button’ to ‘Next Page.’

Now, return to the content_main.xml and click on ‘Button.’ On the right, you will get the option of ‘onClick.’ Click on the option and choose it. This way, you notify Android Studio that you are eager to associate the code section with the generated Button.

Step 8: Test the App

Your application is ready for use. The only thing left is to run your app on a platform.  According to the App Development Company in Kolkata the process is straightforward. You require going to the ‘run’ option at the top and click on the option. You have to choose ‘run app’ option from the drop-down menu of ‘run.’

First, test your app once, and then launch the application.

These are the steps you require to follow for an effective Android App Development.


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