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The significance of customer reviews in local SEO and how to get them

04 January 2024 Posted By: Solitus Technologies

In today’s digital age, the importance of positive customer reviews in local SEO is essential. The positive reviews help to get more potential customers and revenue increasing the goodwill of the businesses. Local SEO is a game changer that helps the business create visibility on platforms like Google, Yahoo, and more which are the most popular search engines. On the verge of constant technical development, positive customer reviews have the competency to build the targets of businesses stronger than ever. 

However, to make it more relevant and understandable to the basic concept of local Search Engine Optimization, first, you need to master how the search engine works. 

The significance of customer reviews is crucial because the search engines acknowledge the elements written on the business page and help to rank high on the search results. When a potential customer looks for a particular business, search engines generate results based on the relevant keywords. 

The local SEO can be enhanced with citations, Google Business Optimisation, lead generation, and sharing information with the locals about the availability of a certain business. The online reviews on the business sites and their social media demonstrate the satisfaction of the customers enhancing the business highlights and recommending more to get the potential customers. More than star and numerical reviews, the search engines consider the written comments. 

Here are some suggestions that have the power to get positive and impactful feedback from the customers. 

In-person inquiry: Timely in-person inquiries are helpful and crucial especially when the person in charge has dealt with the customer for a long time. The person in charge has the appropriate idea of the customer’s interests and should likely ask for feedback

Email inquiry: With the recent technological development, consider taking a serious account of sending emails to recent customers and asking them to write about their experience. While taking the reviews, mention specifically where to put the comment and guide them to the page with a click-to-action button. 

Quick response to online reviews: Quick responses to the feedback be it positive or negative publicly helps in creating an authentic image of the business. This shows the customers that they are being listened to for their problems with appropriate solutions. 

Manual on posting reviews: The customers don't understand the importance of putting a review on the page for the growth of the businesses. Furthermore, some customers deliberately ignore the feedback option. Creating a handout manual on the importance of feedback for businesses and how to leave a post can create a change in local SEO. 

In conclusion, customer reviews are important for the success of local SEO. They build trust amongst the potential customers bringing back to the local businesses. By the application of the above practices, businesses can uplift their Search Engine rankings and grow their businesses.  Embracing the upcoming trends can unleash the power of customer reviews to achieve success in local SEO.


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