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Website Launch Checklist – Never Miss a Step

13 May 2021 Posted By: Solitus Technologies

You want to release a website but doubt if everything is complete? Are you sure you remember to add any minor but required details? We took control and figure out a way to remedy such. We hope you will benefit from it.

Responsive Design Testing

Gradually, website traffic derives from mobile devices and not desktop. Therefore, the responsive design of a website is non-negotiable. Inspect website analytics and market research to recognize which devices have the highest chances of generating traffic for a website. Then, test the website on a responsive design checker for these devices.

To make sure that a website is mobile-friendly, Web Design Company in Kolkata should ask and answer these interrogations:

Does the website’s theme work fine on mobile?

Is the content easy to read on mobile?

Is navigation simple and operable on mobile?

Functionality Testing

The initial step of the testing stage is to ensure that the web application is functionally right. Functionality testing checks the database connection, all links in the web pages, cookies, forms used for submitting and/or getting info from the user, etc. It should be completed early in the developing stages to speed up the whole app-building process and decreases risks toward the end of the cycle.

When the Best web design company Kolkata gets the results of those tasks, they essentially compare them with the expected output. It has to be done numerous times with different data input. If the level of accuracy is the same each time, the app is considered functionally correct. No one is expecting every single little bug to be fixed each time, but testing websites regularly gives us a better chance to develop apps that are as functional as possible.

Browser Testing

Browser testing is the process of examining how your website appears in different major browsers, and even on different OS. This test for launching a website is mostly done on desktop computers, as there’s a separate but important test for mobile responsiveness. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are considered the most vital browsers for browser testing.

Check site speed

You surely know that page load speed is an official Google ranking issue. Site speed has long become one of the SEOs' highest primacies of any Web Design Company in Kolkata.

How to check your website performance

There are many tools to check performance, you can check the pages there, or do a quick scan. You'll find a list of your website's slower-loading pages (along with each page's size). It's significant to find page speed issues in as many places as possible. You may also check how fast your site loads from different states and areas, particularly if you target multiple locations.

 Let’s get it started 

Other factors have to check such as image optimization, Social network icons, Basic Meta tag, Sitemap, content, and more (To know more connect with us). Once completed, we are sure you’ll be satisfied to launch a site that has almost everything to call it complete.

We are sure many of you will agree on the checklist we just shared. And yes, keep coming back for more…As we’ll keep updating this post as and when we run over a significant factor. 


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