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What Flutter Framework is a Big Hit in the App Development Industry?

14 June 2021 Posted By: Solitus Technologies

Mobile application development services have gone through huge expansion. This time business has seen fast development in the growths and is being updated constantly. Developers involved with mobile application development are dependably looking for the newest framework, libraries, and gadgets that could provide that solid assistance and that are appropriate for praising worthily to the application development frameworks.

Google Flutter is possibly the most famous User interface development framework that was generated by Google in the year 2017. In the year 2018 at the Flutter Live Event by Google, app development company in Kolkata was acquainted with Flutter language from where on it got enormous praise.

Why flutter has become prevalent in the application development industry?

Complete Customizable Widgets

Flutter covers a complete list of widgets for designing UI interfaces. The widgets are customizable and are reusable, making them beneficial for more development. Flutter also comprises two sets of widgets: Material Design and Cupertino.

The Material Design implements Google’s design and Cupertino implements Apple’s iOS Human interface guidelines. This provides many innovative choices for developers to build sleek-looking apps.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Flutter supports the test-driven development (TDD) method that will allow app development service in Kolkata to develop prototypes as fast as possible and compose a single but well-organized code. TDD in flutter will also permit you to think about which functions or features to test first.

Fast to Develop Cross-Platform Application

As Cross-Platform apps are developed with a single code base; so, there is no requirement of writing codes repetitively to make your app run on different OS. Composing less code will free up the developer to deal on the next application development project.

The Arrival of PWA – Progressive Web App

With the help of Flutter, mobile applications would now be able to be effortlessly stuffed into the PWA – Progressive Web App. It brings about a valuable interface between the extensive variety of devices and the application generated. App development company in Kolkata would now be able to appreciate creating UI parts that are dynamic and add them to the usually existing web applications. 

Faster Time To Market

As the app gets developed with less development and testing efforts than the native app development, startups can launch the app sooner, take benefit of the market leader, and enable primary response from the very opening. 

Extremely Beneficial

Flutter is particularly perceived as a solid competitor of JavaScript-based system React Native for building mobile application UI, which is a notable structure yet not as renowned as Flutter.

Irrespective, there are certain changes between these two systems. Flutter provides an advantage to mobile application development concerning implementation, appearances, and feels of the UI sections, and can be used for web and work area development too.

Final Takeaway,

With the rising fame of Google framework Flutter, app development service in Kolkata has increased demand to develop Flutter apps.  It is offering everything an app developer would require for cross-platform app development.

Flexibility is another feature that makes flutter an easy choice for app development companies. If you are an ambitious business lead and wish to develop your mobile app with Flutter, a Google mobile development framework, or any other advanced framework, you can consult us. We can deliver you a good consultation about what framework can aid to develop your business application.


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