Motion graphics company in Kolkata, India

Motion graphics

Are you looking to use motion graphics to communicate with your viewers and enhance the depth of your story?

Do you wish to partner with a motion graphics company in Kolkata that can add elements like music to your motion graphics?

Are you looking to make high-quality animations together with text?

If so, you are in the right place.

Whether you are a filmmaker, gaming designer, corporate house, or other people, our motion graphics services team can handle your short animation pictures, cartoon movies, logo animations, Infographics, and typographical demonstrations with complete proficiency.

When you outsource motion graphics design to Solitus Technologies, our motion graphics design team will give your ideas with the right momentum and direction. Our team of motion graphics design artists turns your ideas into captivating stories and helps you economize on time, resources, and brilliant manpower.Solitus Technologies’s multimedia team creates attractive motion graphics. Influential stories come to life with a blend of graphics, animation, and live-action footage.

Infographics Services

If you are looking for advanced procedures of creating content that could perhaps go viral and considerably increase your website's overall reach and brand awareness, then it's time to consider a custom Infographics pricing plan from Solitus Technologies, the motion graphics company in India. Our Infographics are among the best as:

  • Our data visualization specialists design appealing, information graphics that elucidate and enthrall audiences on a specific theme.
  • They simplify create emotional connections with your brand and place your company as an industry leader with affluence of knowledge on a specific topic
  • Our Internet advertising and online PR team formulates a strategy reflective of your brand and industry and further more likely to be shared on highly trafficked sites.

Typographical Services

Solitus Technologies, the best motion graphics Kolkata can deliver inventive, tailored typography and lettering services on all of our printing products. By providing logotype design, custom and selected typefaces and fonts along with typography consultation, our skillful team is here to assist you through your project and assist create the perfect detail.

We have an expert, highly knowledgeable design team offering personalized solutions that can appear and feel fabulous. Our typography services comprise envelope addressing, business card and invitation design, and many more. Our team can guide you on font selection, lettering types along with the types of card and paper standards that will make your final product amazing.


At Solitus Technologies, the best motion graphics India we have the required knowledge to deliver professional video editing services and can assist you at all phases of the corporate video editing process.

Certain causes for you to choose us to include -

  • Creative Graphics Team - Solitus Technologies has a technically sound team and contains artists from several creative backgrounds with a desire for detail. Our motion graphics team can combine different mediums to bring life to any form of communication.
  • End-to-end Emphasis - Solitus Technologies, the motion graphics company in Kolkata motion graphics team works diligently and discusses the project with the client's art and creative team. Post the discussion, team Solitus Technologies starts a storyboard and brings the motion graphics based on the brief.
  • Reasonable Pricing - Solitus Technologies starts motion graphics projects of any volume - our flexible pricing structure is designed to suit multiple budgets and we ensure each penny invested is worth it.
  • Detailed Preparation - Solitus Technologies, the motion graphics company in India has several effective project management systems which empowerthe delivery of the project in time. Clients are implied regularly on the status of the project progress. Depending on the urgency of the client, team Solitus Technologies provides projects instantly.
  • Ready Availability - Solitus Technologies has a robust support system and can be reached 24/7. With openness to suggestions and response, our motion graphics designers are dedicated to offer the best and exceed expectations.
  • Secure Environs - Solitus Technologies has the right quality control processes in place and we follow stringent data security and privacy policies using the best security firewalls. Safeguarding the projects and repeatedly back-up of files is vital to us.

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