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PHP Development

Are you looking to develop a user-friendly, advanced, and innovative website or web application?

Are you looking to upgrade your current site or web applications using a versatile and contemporary scripting language?

If so, you should consider PHP programming for developing your site or web application.Solitus Technologies is a leading PHP development company in Kolkata and provides a complete range of PHP application development services.

Benefits of Using PHP

There are some benefits of using PHP programming for your organization's web applications. The following is a list of benefits of using PHP programming -


Customization is the keyword in recent times. The touch of customization brings in advanced engagement. This is what PHP precisely does. PHP offers ease of customization. Its several extensions assist in increasing and revising the existing features of the site. PHP development Kolkata services are such that it provides the much-required flexibility to curate a website that is customized as per your business requirement.


All businesses are keen to implement cost-effective yet helpful solutions. And being cost-effective is one of the benefits of PHP development India. It is free to use.

Safe and Secure:

When you choose to use a back-end development language or PHP for web development, you can rest assured about its safety and security. PHP development company in Kolkata offers excellent protection that can protect your website from malicious attacks or hackers. A site that is developed using the PHP scripting language is generally safe. As a business owner, you need not devote much money on your site’s safety and security.

Offers fantastic webexperience:

Unlike several of the front-end development languages, PHP supports different OS. Whether it is MAC or Windows, you need not worry if you have a site developed with PHP.

Has Easy Code and Offers Complete Control:

No developer would love to develop a website with complex code, but developers love using PHP for website development. The reason is simple. It is an easy-to-use language. The source code is simple and clean, thereby making it a prevalent scripting language. Hence the developer community of PHP development company in India enjoys playing with it. Its easy nature ensures that businesses have complete control over it.

Gives you mileage:

Unlike some of the traditional front-end development languages, PHP has many features. Using PHP brings benefits like multi-tasking, easy modifications, customizations, robust design, flexible integration, and so many others.

Why Outsource PHP Development to Solitus Technologies?

There are a host of reasons to choose us as your PHP development company in India. Some of these are -

  • We understand the versatility and reliability of PHP and have hired a team of experts who share our knowledge of the programming language.
  • We're good at what we do because we communicate effectively and listen to your needs.
  • Our services are cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Other than the three major services, we provide –

  • Custom PHP Development
  • PHP-based CMS Development
  • PHP Application Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Portal PHP Development
  • PHP QA Services
  • Custom Dashboard
  • PHP Support and Maintenance

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